Dirk teaches about 2 to 4 drawing workshops per year in different places. Workshops will be anounced here roughly 4 months before the actual date. Register early as the workshops are usually booked up quickly. To register for a workshop in Germany, please fill out the form below with your information and finally click the submit button. To register for a workshop in other countries please write to the contacts given in the description.
Hotel Information (for workshops in the artist's studio in Germany only!): A room in a nearby hotel will be booked for every attendant (Euro 40 incl. breakfast per night). Hotel payment is due on arrival at the hotel. There will be a free transfer (10 mins) from the hotel to the studio.

Please contact us if you want to find something on your own, e.g. holiday appartment or if you have any other question or need help with planning your trip.
Every workshop is attended by a broad mix of people from all over the world. So far we had drawing enthusiasts from over 20 countries.

Workshop plans for the USA had to be postponed unfortunately.

IBIZA, SPAIN: Advanced Realism In Portrait Drawing

This workshop is run by Ibiza Perspectives, Spain. The price includes accommodation. Please download the BROCHURE for more infos and register by contacting them under The aim of this 5 day workshop is to give the participants a sound understanding of how to create lifelike and realistic portraits, from basic methods to advanced drawing techniques and theory to add depth, volume, atmosphere and life to portrait drawings. Techniques on how to render realistic hair and how to create complex textures like skin with a layering approach, tonal value relationship, drawing details and working with different kinds of contrast to achieve a balanced visual interest in drawing are on the agenda. Many more aspects will be covered. Dirk will use demos, will answer all questions and also will discuss studio practices. While working from photographs during the workshop the gained skills and knowledge can and should be used for life drawing and painting experiences as well. Beginner to advanced levels.

Drawing workshop
Workshop Photos from around the World

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