Artist Statement

I choose human beings as my subject, but not as a traditional portrait painter. Rarely do I draw a portrait of somebody that I know or work on portrait commissions. I don't want to depict a specific person nor create a likeness, but capture my vision and my idea of the person's presence and inner self. They are moret like self portraits to me, adding my state of mind and thoughts, similar to what a detailed writer might employ in their analysis of an individual.

Photos are an important part of my artistic approach, but they are only an intermediate step. Before I even start taking photos for a new work, I have a firm idea of the artworks appearance as the later painting or drawing and the photos are taken to be beneficial for that aim. As they are only used as an intermediate step, I plan them and use their informations in a different way as a photographer would.

I started drawing from life and imagination at an early age. The gained experiences enable me to think beyond the flat photo surface and translate the informations of a photo with a more sculptural approach. By translating a photo into a drawing or painting, there is a shift of the effect on the viewer. When such an artwork is viewed in flesh, there is always the extra layer that kind of opens the image and let the viewer enter it.

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